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Food as a special commodity in our daily life, its nutrition and health is very important, but it is very easy to bad, so is the main purpose of food packaging must ensure that food as a health in the process of the flow of goods in the shipping and the quality and the quality and flavor.Food packaging is an integral part of the product as an additive to the product, which is indivisible and occupies a prominent position in the modern market strategy.


At the same time, as the main means of market competition, it can improve the added value of goods. It has become an important part of the marketing strategy of enterprises, and it has played the role of the silent salesman in the supermarket.The image of food packaging directly reflects the brand and corporate image, which plays a crucial role in creating brand name and setting up good corporate image.In the market competition, it is the bridge between the enterprise and the consumer.Therefore food packaging competition plays an important role in our life.