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Followed by a 10-year cosmetics package "QS" logo disabled

Since September last year, the Food and Drug Administration has issued a Notice on the Measures for the Administration of Food Production Licensing. The Notice stipulates that food produced by food producers from October 1, 2018 will not be used for the original packaging, labeling and "QS "Logo. In May this year, the General Office of Foodstuffs and Foodstuffs made a reply to the Notice on the Cancellation of Production Permit Marking of Cosmetics, which states that the cosmetics produced on July 1, 2017 must be marked with " Cosmetics production license "information of the new packaging logo, but no longer marked" QS "logo.

In other words, follow the 10-year cosmetics packaging "QS" logo, from July 1 next year no longer use! The original packaging logo can be used to June 30, 2017, after the use of the original packaging logo production of cosmetics, in the shelf life can continue to sell.

The news also received the Chinese spice flavor cosmetics industry association (hereinafter referred to as the Association of fragrance) Chen Shaojun confirmation.

What is "QS"?

"QS" logo, that is, production license logo. Initially, the QS logo was widely used in the food industry, and until 2005, cosmetics were also included in the QS-certified team.

Since May 1, 2006 after the production of products, must be marked with QS, therefore, cosmetics marked "QS" logo has been implemented for 10 years.

Why abolish the "ten years of the rules"

The addition of the QS logo is intended to facilitate consumer differentiation and to strengthen the quality management of cosmetics, but did not allow consumers to achieve substantial benefits during implementation, forcing all cosmetic manufacturers to modify the packaging in a short period of time. Obviously, the cost of the middle is huge. In addition, the cosmetics companies due to the loss of packaging materials before and after the loss of individual products and blue and white printing costs to more than 10 billion loss for the measurement.

In the enterprises have to hesitate for this relaxation policy, many people in the industry also believe that the fragrant Association of "cosmetics on whether to cancel the production license logo marked with the request" by the State Food and Drug Administration approved, is for the production enterprises to do A good thing, worthy of praise.