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Find the charm of packaging from classic creative packaging Pt.2

Classic Case 2: Tea Packaging

Traditional cultural elements highlight value

As one of the top three drinks in the world, tea has always been popular with people.Because of the uniqueness of the tea itself, the paper box packaging of the tea is mainly to require moisture-proof, high temperature, odor and transport.However, with the development of economy and people living standard rise, tea packaging in addition to the original utility function, a more important role to enhance the value and cultural taste of the tea itself.

The first-class product is inseparable from the first-class packaging, the tea is more so.And the tea as a special drink, have always been with China's traditional culture elements connected together, so the tea packaging always inseparable from China's traditional culture elements and spiritual.The design of the tea packaging should consider the material and structure of the packaging, because the packaging materials are suitable for the tea.However, in the design, text and other design aspects, besides the elements and the traditional feeling of the tea culture, it is important to emphasize the image of the product.