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18 enterprises settled in Lutai Economic Development Zone Green Printing and Packaging Industrial Park

In recent years, Lutai Economic Development Zone to seize the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperation opportunities, take the initiative to undertake Beijing green printing and packaging industry transfer, the construction of the green printing and packaging industry park. Currently settled in the enterprise reached 18, a total investment of 2.145 billion yuan.

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Green printing and packaging industry park as the Lutai Economic Development Zone focus on cultivating the industrial park, planning an area of 2000 acres, to build a national printing and packaging industry park as the goal, and actively undertake the transfer of Beijing industry, the construction of publications printed, packaging and decoration, warehousing Logistics, book transactions in one of the industrial base. At present, six projects have been completed, completed an investment of 745 million yuan; has started construction projects 4, a total investment of 560 million yuan. After the completion of the project, is expected to achieve annual sales income of 6 billion yuan, 3,000 jobs.