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Embossing is an important technology in packaging post-press processing procedure, is a kind of not printing ink stamping method. Used when hit convex, Yin and Yang are a set of graphic corresponding concave and convex template. The substrates in the meantime, by applying the larger pressure relief of concave and convex graphic.

Debossing is one of the most frequently used processing techniques and paper surface finishing techniques in printing. It is easy to use properly and can improve the effect of printing.And using special paper material characteristics and special lines, combined with the design of the image, will make the printing images more realistic and image.


The embossing technology has the significance of the epoch-making in the surface finishing process of the surface printing surface after the computer 3d software and laser engraving technology.Unlike ordinary punch, embossed punch has three-dimensional effect, which can clearly feel the sculptural effect of the surface with the design of concave and convex.

The highest and lowest point of the relief pattern is between 1 ~ 2.5mm, and the cost of the printing plate is more expensive than that of common concave and convex version.The copper edition price is about 5 yuan per square centimeter, and the processing cost is not different from common concave convex.