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Digital stamping effect and limitations

At present, for the digital ironing technology, kurtz can provide a variety of hot stamping foil, such as silver, gold, laser and holography, which can achieve the following digital stamping effect.

(1) where high gloss is reflected;

(2) the details are good, from fine lines to medium patterns, with clear Outlines;

(3) have excellent hot stamping ability of toner or conventional ink, which can achieve changeable metal order effect;

(4) it has good adhesion to many base materials (even some rough substrate) and can make personalized products.

(5) it can be used for product proofing and high flexibility;

(6) no printing is needed.

Of course, there are limits to digital ironing.

(1) it is not applicable to all base materials; pre-test is required before stamping;

(2) require pre-printed multi-layer inks or carbon powder on rough substrate;

(3) the consumption of metal foil and printed substrate is 1:1;

(4) it is impossible to achieve individualized punch and convex, and can be processed in the form of punch.