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Decipher Heidelberg 's Digital Strategy

Smart printing plant is no longer just a concept, Heidelberg China CEO Huanglian Guang  described the three key scenes of intelligent printing plant for everyone:

Tip1: Global users could be connected by Heidelberg , installs equipment and runs data, real-time detects the operating status of the client equipment, diagnoses and prevents production failures online, provides advice on optimized production, improves equipment utilization (OEE), and Users online to facilitate the procurement of Heidelberg-proven high-quality racing printed materials and Heidelberg original parts and other products. Users through the cloud platform and global counterparts to share information, communication learning.

Tip2: In the Heidelberg Indy system, the printing business orders in the most reasonable way to be automatically assigned to different printing processes. Suitable for digital printing of the order, the data directly to the digital printing press; suitable for offset printing orders, data directly to the pre-press CtP and offset press. From prepress, printing to India, from the production, storage and logistics and other links, everything to the equipment and the system to complete their own. Operators only need to do is to complete the work in the perfect end, press the STOP stop button, that is, "Push to Stop touch".

Tip3: intelligent navigation printing, different orders, the same order between the different processes in a complex combination of arrangements, how to optimize the optimal efficiency of the production line conversion? To the system to complete!