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It is learned that since the beginning of October 2017, in the stone bridge area often have Hong Kong China Travel, Guizhou International Travel, US Mission Travel, Long travel tour and other travel agencies received the British, the United States, France, Germany and other foreign tourists to the stone bridge Miao Xinjiang ancient paper Small town to visit the tour, the tourists were China's Dandongzhai Shi Miao Xinjiang ancient law paper tourism town of natural landscape and famous culture is deeply attracted, especially the stone bridge ancient paper paper favored by tourists. In the stone bridge through the ancient ruins of papermaking sites, large rock foot ancient papermaking sites, stone bridge paper and other attractions, you can see the tourists are interested in personally experience the production of national intangible cultural heritage stone bridge ancient paper. "In the Chinese stone bridge can see such an ancient papermaking, it is too rare! People here is really great!" A foreign tourists said, and put up the thumb that is very praise. Visitors said they would bring back the ancient stone and Miao embroidered as a souvenir or gift as a gift, they will give friends to introduce in China there is such a beautiful and magical place.

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In recent years at all levels of departments and stone bridge villagers under the joint efforts of the 2014 Stone Village was awarded the "National Minority Nationalities Village", 2006 Shiqiao ancient paper was included in the first batch of national intangible culture Heritage protection list. Shiqiao Village also won the "China intangible cultural heritage production protection demonstration base, France Lozel province rural tourism cooperation project demonstration base, the ancient Chinese paper art town, Guizhou Province, the first 21 key demonstration scenic spots, Guizhou With the charm of ethnic villages "and the honorary title.