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CTP equipment accuracy detection reasons

With the widely application of the CTP equipment, many printing enterprise has two or more CTP equipment, and the brands of the CTP equipment or model likely is different, therefore, there are also differences in performance.

Dongguan, for example, a printing company in 2003 introduced the first brand of Creole (kodak) has now been CTP equipment, so far, it has 6 ~ 7 sets of CTP equipment, including Creole, agfa, kodak and Heidelberg brand. Even the same brand of the same type of CTP equipment, if the condition is different, its performance will there is a deviation, the deviation is small, but for high accuracy requirements of color printing is not acceptable.

So, when using many sets of CTP equipment for plate making, make plate can't confuse using, for example, not in 2 sets with deviation CTP equipment on the same set of four color plate, especially when the need to fill in the process of printing version, be sure to use the original CTP plate making equipment, otherwise, is prone to misregister. Therefore, only the performance deviation between CTP equipment can be eliminated, and multiple CTP devices can be used simultaneously to maximize the production efficiency. The key is to eliminate the deviation of deviation of measured value accurately, and then in CTP equipment, use of the internal Settings make up and correct, make different CTP equipment aligning with intermediate values in an accurate, so as to ensure the consistency of many sets of CTP equipment precision.