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, can also be used in small batch products packaging.All corrugated packaging is printed, although most of the functions used in the past are only for simple transport packaging, so basically color is mainly 1-3 colors.In the past 20-25 years, however, the corrugated paper has about 30 percent of the colorful graphics used in high definition and mounted on cardboard.

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This demand for higher quality is being driven by two factors.First of all, a large number of consumer goods and batch of items for sale, in the modern retail environment to need the structural strength of corrugated paper packaging of this approach to sales, but sales of any products must promote and spread information about the products and brand identity, which means that puts forward more requirements for packaging and printing accuracy, must achieve the quality of the offset printing.

Secondly, Retail Ready Packaging (Retail Ready Packaging, RRP) mainly in the Retail food industry conducted a strategic move, this is a simplified from the distributor to bulk goods packing into a single primary number of Retail in a way.If you will be secondary packaging design is very good, enough to achieve in a retail environment brings to the consumer the effect of visual impact, can be directly on retail shelves, become the main form of consumer goods packaging.This means that the printing on the corrugated paper must be reached the standard of primary packaging, so a third of the most high resolution print to retail industry, while another third of second for RRP (RRP in Europe is more advanced than in the United States at this time).