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Three of three red, green, blue, and then to four complex color purple, olive green, black, bronze, which can be combined into a new form of expression, as if you know the different printing ink color tone (hue), different ink lightness and chroma combination of ink color allocate together, also can give a person a kind of soft and harmonious feeling of beauty.Throughout the color of the packaging and printing ink color chooses both at home and abroad, in addition to the three primary colors, great majority is composite color, complex (us) color mixing is in itself a color science, the configuration of the packaging and printing color finally with our visual examination and its effect, good, the bad and the advantages and disadvantages.The use of packaging printing decoration color to the goods, we need to decorate a variety colors, constantly adjust working and living environment, can give a person a benign stimulation, is helpful to improve the quality of our work and life.

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There are several colors in the packaging and decoration of the same environment, so the coordination between colors is always the subject of endless research.If complementary (red and green) colors (the two colors add up to white), sometimes the mismatch will give the person a tacky feeling, well matched,

Give a strong and striking feeling.Light yellow with reddish brown, will be close to the color between yellow and red, tonal close to give a person with harmonious beauty.And dark green and light green, fresh and dazzling.Use the method of collocation with color and color, give a person with lively feeling, and protect the eyesight.Red, white, and blue appear on one package at the same time. The feeling is: red hot, white pure, blue grave, the beauty of a commodity.Although our country has been developed in the early 1950 s China color chromatography, and 56 enterprises in more than 4000 varieties as presently unified P, T, A, W, Z 86 five types of printing ink, 29 and successively developed testing standards.Combined with various packaging and printing ink factory of printing ink color in the packaging and printing enterprise propaganda and sends out, as a packaging and printing and printing ink designers and workers should not be limited by the boundaries of the existing ink color and hue, can often use munsell color figure physical contributes presents Chinese color system and electronic computer color matching, to meet the different requirements of users are increasing gradually.