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YK printing  process generally refers to the printing process of the colors of color original manuscript by yellow, magenta, cyanine and black ink.

1. What is CMYK printing?


2. What products must adopt CMYK printing process?

Taken in color photography way reflect the nature of rich and colorful color pictures of color change, the painter's art or other contains many different color images, Shanghai printing based on the process requirements or out of economic considerations, must go through electronic color or color desktop system scan color, then a four-color printing process to copy.


3. The visual effects of CMYK printing

CMYK printing process overprint color piece, various color mostly because of the color piece is composed of a certain percentage of the outlets, print outlets, the ink layer thickness must be strictly controlled, easy because of the change of the ink layer thickness and printing color intensity change caused by process condition changes.A change in the extent of the dot. This results in a change in color.And because of the color piece of any color change will lead to the shades of the color change, resulting in ink unevenness opportunity will multiply, so a four-color printing process overprint color piece, it is not easy to obtain the effect of ink evenly.If the color of the color block can not be superimposed on a multi-color machine, it is also easy to get color deviation because the color of the semi-finished product is not easy to control.In addition, the CMYK  printing is obtained by the combination of the subtractive method of the dot and the combination of the additive color method. The color block is higher and the saturation is lower.For the light color color block, use CMYK printing, because the ink to the paper coverage is low, ink color flat lack of thick feeling.Because of the network Angle relationship, it will inevitably make people feel decorative patterns.