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In the face of paper prices, some downstream companies have been thinking about some of the measures.

September 2017, rookie network in the "double 11" logistics mobilization meeting revealed that in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places, as well as some colleges and universities rookie Inn, consumers in the collection of unpacking, the carton Stay at the post. Rookie will be combined carton business, the carton recycling, made again for the courier industry.


Rookie network vice president, "double 11" logistics commander Meng said that the rookie will be a joint logistics partners and businesses, the first launch of 20 "green warehouse." Packets from these "green warehouses" will use tape-free courier boxes and biodegradable courier bags.


In the context of the current rise in paper prices, rookie to promote the rapid recovery of cartons recycling, will bring some resources to the industry to save.


China Express Association vice president, the Secretary-General Sun Kang said that "double 11" green action for China's green logistics to explore new directions and path. This will help solve the problem of express rubbish siege, but also reduce the current pressure on the rapid rise in packaging paper prices.


Some analysts believe that, for the rapid rise in paper prices, such as the packaging industry, can actively communicate with the upstream and downstream, to seek carton guide price, the industry proposed to form a coalition to enhance bargaining power. At the same time, this year, paper prices have inherent factors, with the large-scale production capacity of enterprises to further release, the current tension between supply and demand of paper or is expected to ease.


"The last two months is the year of the season, regardless of the loss is also good to earn Ye Hao, will finish. For example, in October the amount of 4500 pieces, November December monthly delivery volume per month At least there are 8500. "The previous months have sought to store the transfer of the franchisee said.