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British paper packaging giant Cepac launched the first arc corrugated packaging

Cepac, a leading corrugated packaging manufacturer in the UK, is a member of the HSA Group, which was established in 1999 and has four plants in the UK, Darlington, Rawcliffe, doncaster and Rotherham. Since its inception, the company has always focused on corrugated packaging technology innovation, and launched a real sense of the British arc corrugated packaging - ArArwise. The raw materials of this product are licensed by the SCA Forest Products and incorporates innovative high quality corrugated cardboard printing, which can be bent into a continuous curve and softly close to the package. This product is mainly used for retail packaging, sales and shipping packaging, as well as the store display packaging and gift packaging.


Arcwise is a revolutionary product developed by SCA, which provides a new  possibility of design for packaging and reduces the packaging by 30% at the same time . The patented technology is used to make the radius of corrugated board is more curved than before, which can produce more types of packaging products. Production of Arcwise uses the latest printing and molding technology, for the short single can use the market leading digital printing, so that customers in a short time to try some new packaging display design. In addition to making the product stand out and provide a more exciting sense of the eye, curved corrugated has proved to be a more compressive than the square packaging capacity, and bear a larger load packaging. The strength of the corrugated package is higher, which means that the stacking of the products can be further improved, which is conducive to improving the printing quality and transportation efficiency.

"We are committed to continually developing and enhancing the products we can deliver," said Steve Moss, director of marketing for the Cepac Group. "We are pleased to be able to agree with SCA Forest products and have launched a curved corrugated package in the UK. We are aware that our customers The feedback was very positive, and when we showed the arc corrugated packaging to our customers, they were very surprised and realized the great potential of the future of the corrugated packaging and realized that we had created a new Of the differentiated products, and more striking, more powerful, more efficient, completely different from the market can be seen in other existing products.