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Books and commercial printing is almsot included in the high pollution industry in Beijing

In accordance with the instructions of Xi President, Beijing will be built a world-class harmony of the capital, in March this year, Beijing City, Beijing should not control the development of the industry, "printing and recording media reproduction industry" was among them, And finally in the relevant experts on the investigation and argument, and finally in the July 24 formally promulgated the "Beijing new industry ban and restrictions on the directory (2014 version)" to make changes, "printing and Recording media reproduction industry "under the breakdown of" packaging and other printing use of solvent-based ink or solvent-based paint printing production link "list, and the book printing, commercial and digital printing is not included in them. This means that the offset printing process is not the main high-polluting high-emission industries, perhaps Beijing's thousands of books, business and digital printing business relieved. However, printing is not a high pollution industry in the end, I would like to engage in the printing industry are very clear that China's green printing and developed countries, the gap is far from our printing industry's environmental awareness is still poor, control excessive emissions long way to go .