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Baking food packaging to "paper times"

Previously, there are few bakery in the streets, few pepole to buy cake, and not many varieties. But in recent years, baking shops have sprung up in the major cities appear. Data show that the Chinese mainland an average of 150,000 people spending a bakery, under the same conditions, the data is much higher than Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and other regions, the potential of the baking industry can not be ignored. Paper and cardboard as the substrate of the paper packaging, with low cost, save resources, easy machining, more environmentally friendly, non-polluting, easy recycling, recycling and so on.

With the progress of the papermaking process, paper from the traditional single species diversification, functional development of professional. The packaging designer can make the best use of the characteristics of the paper, creating a stunning baking wrapping paper. So baking food packaging into the paper packaging era. Paper packaging also guarantees the safety of baked goods. Baking packaging is more creative, fun, stylish and practical. Colorful baking packaging is a baking show on a beautiful landscape, baking packaging is an important fashion products.