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A number of domestic paper prices rose difficult to resist

From the global packaging and printing market situation, the short term, including raw materials, paper packaging, cardboard, packaging cardboard boxes, inks, plates and other raw material prices will continue to maintain the rising form of domestic paper companies issued a number of continuous price increases, but also fully validated This is the point.

In addition, the recent price of waste paper from the point of view, the East China gains significantly, 16 paper mills raised the paper price, the range of 30 to 100 yuan / ton.

Foreign trade practitioners: raw material prices, cartons rose 40%.

Engaged in mop exports of Ms. Liu introduced in November last year, plastic and fabric rose about 7% -8%, sponge rose more than 30%, carton is the bulk of the price, each product should be a box outside the packaging, Prices rose more than 40%.

While a mop of raw material prices rose more than 7%, the basic reversal of the depreciation brought about by the good.