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A new chance will be brought by a belt and a Road

With the deepening of the "all the way", the gradual increase in trade flows between China and the relevant regions will surely stimulate the economic development of the countries and regions along the country, and will also bring new vitality to the printing and packaging enterprises in the recession. A huge development prospects, as a printing business should be keen to smell one of the huge market opportunities.

Printing and packaging enterprises "going out" is the inevitable development of the market, and "along the way" in depth to promote the printing business "going out" to consolidate the expansion of the international market, expand foreign investment cooperation, established a good foundation.

Even more surprising is that the "one side" strategy focuses on emerging markets such as Central Asia, West Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and other high-speed development, the printing industry in these countries is not very developed. Can be said that China's printing industry to develop overseas new blue ocean market, the domestic printing industry to release excess capacity to accelerate the internationalization of enterprises, has a huge role in promoting.